About the Jupiter app category

Is the Jupiter app on your mind? Share it here!

The topics under the Jupiter app can be related to:

  • Questions
  • Updates
  • Feedback
  • Anything else related to the Jupiter app
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@Shawnpinto Is this about transaction category or something else?

No no, I created this label for the community. @Dhruv
The Jupiter app is a label under the feedback and ideas category. It’s a way to identify what the topic is about :slight_smile:

I’ll be updating this label info soon.

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@Dhruv A question. How did you find this label? Just curious.

It just showed up on top of my feed. :sweat_smile:

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Oh! Feed as in, under the categories on the left area? Or as a separate topic on the right?

As a separate topic. Don’t know left or right, because in my screen there is single stack of topics only.

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Ah okay. Got it.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: