Worst in app support experience!

Hello there :slight_smile:

So matter in short -

I referred two friends and sent them invite on WhatsApp. Both signed up using their Aadhaar registered number which were different from WhatsApp number. Jupiter didn’t tracked my referrals so i talked to @Shawnpinto Sir, He suggested me to create ticket in app.

I did same in app on 30th sept, and these are chat screenshots -

PS - Ticket is still open and UNRESOLVED! They aren’t able to solve this simple issue even after around 20 days, Pathetic !!

Hey @mschahar ,

On special case basis we got it checked with the backend team, I would like to inform you that, sadly, this manual credit won’t be possible. The credit if jewels is an automated process which is done by system automatically. As soon as person referred by you onboards on the app, there’s an internal mapping that happens that enables you for rewards. That mapping won’t happen if someone onboarded from some other number. :disappointed:

We hope you understand.

You guys should introduce referral code system instead of this.
Everyone don’t use number on WhatsApp same as aadhaar card.

And in this situation chat support executive could have told me this same thing without wasting time. I was waiting since 3 weeks for solution.

Even chat is still open :rofl:

Yes, there are many apps out there which uses codes for refferal programs. But for now, we currently follow a specific method.

Will provide this suggestion to our team and check if we can have it in the code method :slight_smile: