What is the in1-spiky.clevertap-prod.com

Jupiter seems to keep calling in1-spiky.clevertap-prod.com as it’s blocked by the adguad

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Its a customer engagement management platform (analytics based)
Read more about it here : https://clevertap.com/
Many banks/fintech apps use this like kotak/Niyo etc.


But why they keep calling it again and again if it’s blocked. It increases the battery probably.

I think it will be of any concern if you run jupiter in the background always.
For me it runs whenever I open jupiter, once I close the app it stops connecting

I never close the app and I have enough ram to keep it running for days in background. But ya, I think my focus mode of the digital well being does close it. By the way, I think I should have marked it as Bug or feedback to the Jupiter development team to not call it multiple times. I think they have a overall bad design of the app. That it can’t even detect if my network is low or not working and just crash the app when the wifi is not working

@alec app crashing in low connectivity situation seems to be a user specific issue.

Jupiter doing anything for this issue. So, where should this kinda issues be reported?

It’s something many apps are doing. It’s common these days. If you really care about privacy from third party, then you can use adguard like in the screenshot :slightly_smiling_face: