We cannot open account for you

Hello @JupiterTeam @Team @Shawnpinto
I want to open Jupiter federal account for my younger brother but it shows an issue.
There is an issue in identity verification. Umm… We cannot open account for you. Every document is correct in my knowledge. Please resolve the or we have to for other bank. Thank You.


Jupiter has too many bugs. It is hub of bugs.

  • Unable to opening account
  • Wrong or missing transaction details
  • I am unable to turn biometric unlock for app (after adding one more finger to device)
  • Account freezes
  • Offer they provide is not for any middle class or students only Rich and upper middle class targeted.
    (Saying because needs high value transaction to redeem any single offer)
  • Not any attractive cashback offers
  • Many more. There is a list
  • Internet Banking facility is unavailable.
  • Federal bank debit card offers not applied to Jupiter debit card on the other hand FI debit cards used in place of federal Debit cards.
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Greetings from Jupiter.

We hear you. We shall connect with you via DM and assist with your queries.

Thank you.

its a shit app bro, they freeze my 5000rs, they are scammers stay away

May be helped by them.
@Shawnpinto @JupiterTeam @Team

I am done all information and I hold the information and next day a issue is created “Unable to open account for you”. Please solve this issue

Hello @Rohit_Narwariya ,

Let me connect with you via DM and discuss this further.

Same issie for me too

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Hey Rohan!
Let me get this checked for you. I will ping you for more details. Thanks!

Yes please. Thanks!

Hello @JupiterTeam @safwan.ahmed @Abreen_Khanum

Sir I used already registered E-mail ID in my account and Jupiter hold my Account. Please help me .


I faced the same issue too. It asked me for face verification. I did it all right but it kept rejecting every single attempt. And now the screen just shows that there was an issue with my Jupiter account creation, since they failed to verify that I’m human.


@Jeffson_H_S_Regulus @Abreen_Khanum @safwan.ahmed @Shawnpinto @Devika

Just DM any of them and share your email and mobile number, they will contact with you when they are in work.

Hello, @Jeffson_H_S_Regulus

Don’t worry, let me get this checked for you. I have DM’ed you for more details, kindly revert. Thanks😊

I am not able to open the account for my salary as directed by my company.

It’s says There is an issue with your identity verification

We’ve connected on DMs :slight_smile: