Want to use federal bank fedmobile application?

when i am trying to register on fedmobile application i am not able to register it is showing no card found


:smiley::smiley:then u can open account in federal bank…why need to open Jupiter account?.. Jupiter app is there…

@HASIN_RISVAN It’s not a bad idea to have a backup app at the time of some emergency or whatsoever… :wink:


have you tried accessing from their NetBanking website?

Yes i tried registering for netbanking it show no ATM available in this account.

Can anybody register for fedmobile other than existing federal bank customers?..I can’t register for fedmobile also I have registered fednet to view statement…not important.just asking for curious…also fi customers can can acces fedmobile?..no existing federal customer?

Fi user can access fedmobile & federal netbanking but jupiter can’t access fedmobile or netbanking

I can Access FedMobile but can’t do any transaction I’m getting my FedBook Selfie Account option ONLY!

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@HASIN_RISVAN I am able to transact using fedmobile and fednet both. Yesterday fedmobile transaction failed but today it went through. IMPS and neft both were success.

Are u an existing federal bank Customer?

I don’t get this. Why would someone using a neobank for their superior UX, start using it and then go to the incumbent bank powering it for their services.

Team Jupiter, my 2 cents. The more you isolate Jupiter users from Federal Bank, the better. I’d like it to be Jupiter powered by Federal Bank and not Federal Bank marketed by Jupiter.

@HASIN_RISVAN No. Only Fi user.