Video KYC is not getting done

I just onboarded 3 days ago to jupiter in search of the best neo bank… I have already tried almost all and it seems that jupiter is going to become my one of the most favorite.

But due to some problem, my vkyc is not getting done as it always stuck on saying “Looking for an agent”. I also tried for straight 1+ hour but it always stuck there. This makes my experience with jupiter worse. I also tried to chat with support but it seems they cannot help so I came here for help.

I think it will be better if we can schedule the kyc before hand. It will save all of our time and make the process smoother.

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Yes. we are actively working on capacity issue. basically , as per RBI guidelines, only bank agents can do VKYC. so we have dependency there. We are increasing the capacity. @Bankofthefuture can help you jump the queue

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Same problem happens with me