Verified Account Upgradation

When can we expect the Verified Account Upgradation to happen ? I am unable to use Pots.

@Debayan007 shouldn’t take more than 24 to 48 hours…mine was done within couple of 24 hours…

@Shawnpinto why my account has not been upgraded yet ? You have any idea ? Or is this specific to iOS users ?

Hi @Debayan007, please let me know a few more details to check it for you, pinging you on DM.

Thank you and wish you a very happy new year!

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@Debayan007 you have got help…customer support Bole toh…it will be resolved…cheers…

Hey, even I can’t upgrade to a verified account. I’m using Jupiter on ios.
Has verified account feature been released for iOS?

Hey, could you DM me also? Can’t become a verified member.

Hello @Lans_Christopher, connecting with you on DM. Thanks!

Hello @Lans_Christopher, the support team has sent an email to you explaining the steps that are required to be followed. Please check it and DM me in case of any doubt. Thank you!

Awesome! VKYC Done!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Glad to be of help :blush:

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