Update: When can iOS users open a Jupiter account?

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Date to be out soon!


Any updates on the iOS version of Jupiter? :grimacing:


include multiple federal bank support with it :sweat_smile:

Also, just speculating, but would the networth feature work on iOS? I don’t think so, given the restrictive permissions. But the iOS screenshots on the websites do indicate that the feature would work. I hope so.

It won’t work in first version but we are working on alternate way to make it work


Wow, if the networth feature does ship wih iOS sometime later, that would be awesome.

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When is iOS app expected … can’t wait to make use of my early access but stuck due to non availability of iOS app

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@Jiten @sneh.baxi if possible, can we get a hint on the iOS release? I hope it’s end July?

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If end of July then early access invite will expire :disappointed:

Hey Gaurav, Early access won’t expire until we give you sufficient time to onboard post we sent you an invite. Be assured :slight_smile:

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Any updates for the iOS app?

Suggestion for networth calculation in iOS.

ask users to check balance via UPI for multiple bank accounts and the same can be shown in networth value, reminding users to check balance periodically would handle the restriction of not able to read sms.

Still waiting for the iOS version of the app. I got a mail saying my rewards are gonna expire. I hope I’ll get all the benefits that the android users got :stuck_out_tongue: Excited to get my hands on.


If that feature is implemented, I think it would be done via reading your statements from e-mail. More like how CRED does it.
Because manual effort is something many consumers don’t want to do these days. :joy:
But I would still want UPI functionality for this. Because it would be more private.

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I have received the invite and it indicates end of July as expiry date for invite :disappointed:

Any updates regarding the ios app?

This is definitely in scope and we working on it as I type this out. We will announce the launch closer to the date.

What is the approximate date of iOS app ? @Jiten @sneh.baxi

We are in testing phase for IOS. Hoping to roll the same as well by 12-13th Aug

Do need someone to test that beta app of iOS right now?

Or does that phase starts on 12-13 Aug?