Unable to place debit card order

On the latest version of the app , the debit card order confirmation does not proceed , always pops up as there is something wrong here which is pretty obvious.

How to resolve this

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Hey @Pranay_Luhadia, please raise a chat request for this. Our CS team will help you out. :slight_smile:

Hey @Shawnpinto multiple requests already there , nobody cares to respond anymore .
Call executives do not have an answer too

@Pranay_Luhadia We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately. No one will be missed! They will get in touch with you soon.

@Shawnpinto no resolution yet , what sense does it make calling it a neobank , where getting an answer is as difficult as a traditional bank.

Would have appreciated if someone told me if this is a software related issue or something else , anything?

@Pranay_Luhadia We’ve escalated this one. Our team will get in touch with you. Don’t worry.

Hi @Pranay_Luhadia apologies for the issue. I have looked it up and have reached out to you via DM with the resolution.

Hi, I’m also facing the same issue. Any deadlines on when it will be resolved ?