Unable to open account. "Your account application was rejected by our systems

Hi All,

I am trying to open an account in Jupiter app. I had put the PAN number and aadhar number. Then put the OTP also. After that it is saying “Unable to open account
Your account application was rejected by our systems. We will not be able to open an account for you”

Can someone please suggest what I can do to open account?


did you use the number that is linked with your aadhar card/>>?

@Shawnpinto your expertise is needed here

Yes. I was opening the account with the aadhar linked mobile number only

Are the details in pan card and addhar card same ?..any mistake in spellings or something?

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Let me connect with you via DM and discuss this further.

Hi Abreen,
Provided the details in the chat. Could you please help me on this.