Unable to open account on Jupiter app

Unable to open account on the Jupiter app.

After submitting PAN no, Aadhar no and OTP, I’m getting the message “Unable to open account. Your account application was rejected by our systems. We will not be able to open an account for you.”
There is no reason or direction for further steps. Can someone help here please?

I am also experiencing some problems opening the application at the start when i try to enter valid code its not opening please upgrade a better app…

Hello @prasoon ,

Not to worry, we are here to help you. Let’s connect via DM to discuss this further.
Thank you!

Hello @Abhishek_Kumar3 ,

We have DM’ed you requesting for your contact details. Kindly share it over the DM, we will look into it and assist you further.

facing same issue.

Hello @Shubham_Sharma ,

We have DM’ed you to help you with this. Kindly share your contact details over there and we will assist you further.

I am also facing the issue

Hi @Abreen_Khanum ,

I am also facing same issue can you please help me with this?

Please help me i have done the same and also getting same error help me please

Hey @Avilio @Pratik_Upadhyay have you reached out to us via support channels yet? :thinking:

We’ll look into it. Also, the communication and resolution is much faster on those channels.