Unable to complete VKYC since Current face don't match with aadhar card photo

I am not able to complete my vkyc since photo with aadhar , pan card not matching with my current face. Since Aadhar card photo was captured 8 years back it is obvious it wipp not match. I have updated my aadhar card photo in nearest aadhar centre. But the Vkyc agent still saying face not matching. What is the solution ?

What they said ???

@Gopal_Bansal Sorry you had to face this issue. Ideally this shouldn’t happen. Our team is looking into this.

they are saying it can only be updated via Aadhar portal on their end. And currently the don’t have permission to so due to security reasons. So you need to wait .

Try with different agents!

it doesnt work. you cant bypass the process especially in kyc

ang update? still waiting.

Put a photo of your issue what showing on the screen so that @JupiterTeam can assist you better