Trying to understand how Pots work?

I want to know how exactly “Pots” feature work? How it’s different from FD/RD? How pots earn interest? Does Pots have any technical name in banking terms?

I’m just curious.

Jupiter recently acquired EasyPlan. It is a service which lets you save for a goal by making a “pot”. The app invests your money in a low risk mutual fund wherein you get an interest rate ≈ 6.5% (more than FD or RD)

You can have saving goals, say a laptop, and can technically also earn some interest over it.

So I think after the acquisition of EasyPlan by Jupiter, that’s how the pot feature should be working.

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Thanks for sharing the information. So it has no exit load?

EasyPlan invests in ICICI prudential liquid fund and here are the exit load charges. Not sure how Jupiter would implement Pots @Ranjeth

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Yeah… thanks again :slight_smile:


They do invest your pot money in bitcoin as well

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Yeah I totally believe that :sweat_smile:

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Yeah the most believable in this community yet

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Nowadays the returns from liquid funds is not that much.

Most funds have a return of around 3.5% return.

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I meant it in more generic terms. Not too sure about these days. Sorry for errors, if any.