Transaction Time Bug

There’s a transaction time bug in the app. If I make a transaction between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM it’ll be marked as AM of the next day instead.

Also, it this very annoying that now I’ll have to take a photo of my phone from another phone just to show a bug as you’ve removed shake to report a bug and are not ready to enable screenshots :confused:



Even traditional banks aren’t this ignorant about the issues, why create a beta program if you are just going to ignore the users and not resolve bugs.

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Rahul-- let me ask someone to get back on this on priority. We had fixed one time stamp issue around 2 weeks back. Let me get this checked if it still exists @Vipul_Mehta

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Chill buddy…if some app is an early access or beta one should expect some bugs here and there.

@Ranjeth I think waiting 8 days for an reply is chill enough.

I agree Rahul that we can not hide for 8 days… thanks for pinging

Hi Rahul.

As discussed, there was an issue of timestamp from our vendor (UTC instead of IST) for a few cases. So, there is a gap of 5:30 hours between the time that the actual transaction was done vs the time that was shown in the app.

We are getting this resolved. Thanks for pointing out.