SIP AutoPay via OTP | Groww

Hi Everyone,

I had been using DigiBank by DBS for SIPs on Groww. I had to set up autopay for this.
Now, I have been thinking to move it to Jupiter.

So far, I’ve added my account details on Groww but whenever I try to set up AutoPay via OTP, it throws a weird error saying wrong card number.
Here’s a screenshot for the same.

Am I missing anything or doing anything wrong way?

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 1.38.59 PM

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I guess Jupiter does not support NACH. This is what the customer care said.

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Now, That’s bad!
Thanks for letting me know.

Any sooner it’ll be available?

It will be available soon

This features is already on their roadmap!

Hope it will be available soon.