Regarding Cred app

Yes. Cred tracks the payment credit SMS from the credit card company and asks if you had made the payment outside of Cred and adjusts the amount accordingly. It’s convenient to track how much you have paid and how much is pending.

On a separate note, for me Axis doesn’t send the amount credit confirmation SMS. So Cred doesn’t track the outside payments for my Axis credit card.

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Ok, thanks. I have not experienced this with axis but with one of my amex cards. I have 3 amex cards and get the notification for 2 cards but not for the 3rd one. Maybe because it is a charge card. BOB also started this notification thingy but cred somehow doesn’t track it.

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Man the UI is so good. I might want to use CRED only to open the app, scrolling through the app and closing it. :joy::joy:


Cred Protect analyzes the transactions and can detect hidden charges which may catch you by surprise like finance charges.

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can you please tell what kind of hidden charges you are talking about?


I did this a lot with google calculator.

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Burner mail worked :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I agree on your point about Cred Coins, but these days on every credit card payment of Rs1000 or Rs5000 they give an option to encash the cred cash. Overall, the cashback isn’t that big (usually ₹5-₹10), but as a credit card managing app it stands awesome.

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yes, same for me
the convenience of managing all cards in one place is the reason I use the app
and those cashback are not bad compared to what other apps give, over a year it sums up to quite a tidy sum

Cred cash isn’t cashback, it’s a loan. Perhaps you are talking about something else. I am not able to find any option to convert cred coins to cash which gets credited in card account

I never installed CRED till date. But thinking to use. How safe it is ? Why we need to provide PAN card info just to create a account?

he is not talking about cred cash which is a credit line
it’s cashback against cred coins
it only becomes available after you’ve made a payment
if you don’t avail that within a day or so, it disappears

Strange, I have never seen this cashback. Perhaps it’s hidden somewhere, what’s the max amount of cashback?

Cred fetches your credit score using the PAN card. If it meets their criteria, you would be able to create an account. If not, you will be put on a waiting list and will be invited once your credit score meets their requirement.

max is really high
like 1k, 5k, 10k depending on your bill amount and the coin being spent
but what you actually get varies between 5 to 20
it is not actually hidden, when you pay a bill, a option comes saying like claim your rewards etc if you click there usual cred rewards page opens up and there scrolling downwards you’ll see these things

@gegobyte In case you miss to click “Claim Rewards” at the time of credit card payment, you can get the same from Club > Rewards section… In fact you can see these vouchers anytime. But they are locked and they are activated only when you pay the bill.

There are 4 options…

  1. Earn up to 1000 (Minimum credit card bill payment of Rs.1000 to get this activated)
  2. Earn up to 5000 (Min payment of Rs.5000)
  3. Earn up to 10000 (Min payment of Rs.20000)
  4. Earn up to 100000 (Min payment of Rs.50000)

You can claim upto 5 times of each tier.

Thanks, found those in rewards section.

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yeah pretty pointless. There is not a single good use of those coins.

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Then what is this?