Refunds too slow

I cancelled two pre-paid orders on Flipkart one with hdfc card other with fi card. HDFC one’s expected refund time is shown as 4 business days but credited within 24hrs(despite being Sunday). Fi one’s refund is shown 8-12 business days and refund finally received after 6 days of cancellation ( including Saturday and Sunday). This is utter disappointment considering fi is a neobank with advanced technology. Hope this changes.

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Refund depends on multiple factors -

  1. Company writes refund but final initiation take place lately .

  2. Some Time Company need to check manually in such case you may get delay.

  3. Refund Bank taking time to initiate.

  4. Receiver Bank may take time but not few days .

  5. Other technical glitches. & So on…

If they’ve refunded , @suku Kindly ask for UTR number so that you’ll get exact idea about delay means here you’ll get who is responsible for delaying.

This is Jupiter :+1: & Fi is also Federal Bank but have some differences.


Agree. Also, to my knowledge, Amazon has built direct pipes with HDFC and ICICi for smoother refund process


Actually i think it kinda depends on the load of the bank ig unsure. My jupiter card and LazyPay card get the refunds almost immediately or by 30 minutes. idk why its not the same with other banks.