Refund not issued

@Jiten im gonna miss my doctor’s appointment because of your useless bank. Why has your shitty bank kept my money on hold.? Plus now your chat support guys are saying it will take 45 days to refund the money…I mean are they crazy…

… Rs 5000 is a big amount for me. And others are also saying their refund is on hold more than 20 days. I’m tired of writing on chat support . I swear I’m never gonna use Jupiter again…just return my refund of 5028.

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Team just checking. But one thing I want to highlight that Jupiter has not blocked your money. Refunds are being credited as soon as it is received through either Visa/UPI channel. That being said, you are assuming that Jupiter is having your money and not providing the same.
Anyway, @Chirag_Heda will check your specific case and get back to you today itself as we are asking bank ops team to recheck all ops files to trace the refund


@Jiten Not the customers fault in blaming Jupiter. Generally end users have no idea about transaction flow, settlement cycle etc. And as customer uses jupiter payment modes so they start blaming Jupiter.
Users need to be sensitised about this. Maybe a blog on this just like other topics you guys have covered would help.