Portfolio Analyser not working

I have tried to get the portfolio analyzer from my mutual funds’ statement. I have tried a couple of times in the past 2 weeks and I never got back any email from Jupiter.

I have forwarded the CAMS email to investments@jupiter.money. Can you check and please let me know what is the issue?

Hi Bharadhwaj

Checking what happened here. We’ll get back to you.


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Hey Chiraj,

How are you doing? I know it been a good while I logged into the community page but I guess I am having similar issues as Baradhwaj.

I dropped a few emails to investments@jupiter.money as well. Can you check if the issue is with my CAMS statement password protection?

@Parineeta_Banerjee If you triggered the CAMS mail-back through Jupiter’s Portfolio analyzer page, the password is set by Jupiter as jupiter123. The issue with the password might only come if you manually have triggered the summary email from the CAMS page and forwarded it to Jupiter.

Looking into this, Parineeta. Have been facing an outage on CAMS’ front today and thereby unable to generate any CAS statements. We’re checking with them on what’s the issue.

Will get back to you.

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Hi Bharadwaj, Parineeta,

We fixed the issue. You should’ve received an email with your report link earlier in the day. Let me know if you haven’t.

Thanks for pointing this out :raised_hands:


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Yep! Got the analyser. Thanks a lot for quickly fixing the issue.


Hi Chirag, just checked in.
Are you talking about the final report or the email which is asking to forward CAMs report?
Haven’t received any latest email on the final report.

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