Physical KYC instead of VKYC

Instead of VKYC, is there any option to visit the nearest Federal bank branch and complete full KYC by biometric / physical document submission?

Neo Bank has no branches

The account is opened with Federal Bank. All branch related operations are handled by Fed Bank branch. So, it is acting like a branch of Jupiter

as I said if you opened your account then check your IFSC that IFSC is not a any physical branch code and Neo Banks has no branches.

For more information Google it.

If Federal bank agents can do vKYC they can also perform biometric KYC too. But yes, this is more complicated and not sure how much required it is.

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Not possible at all it’s my personal experience

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Actually, this is the first time I am using any neo bank. So, little curious.


It’s my pleasure :rose: to help you.

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