Payments are failing in Edge CSB Credit card

I had got the Edge CSB credit card from Jupiter two days ago. I’m very disappointed from my two days experience. I only made some transactions which amounts to 300/- and now I can’t shop online from Amazon or Flipkart with this card. I can’t order food online from Zomato or Swiggy with this card. I don’t know why they’ve given something like this if I can’t use it anywhere I need to. Very disappointed.

If you guys have any idea what’s going on, please make a comment.

@Deepak_Lal i had faced a similar issue. Disable and enable online spends, update the daily spend limit and try again. If the issue persists, report this to the support team via the in app chat. That is the fastest to get the issue resolved.

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Support team just informed me that my immediate transactions from one to another alerted the security system and hence my payment was declined. Got a clear solution from the team!