(Ongoing) Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! 🛠

@Aswin_Benny AnLink from msstore is much better and easier than scrcpy.

@Avocadorable nice info. :ok_hand: I use a linux distro as a daily driver. So…

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Fair point @Aswin_Benny. We are already working to solve this piece better.

Valid point @nishesh. We will work on it and share something with you all to take more feedback on.

Valid point @ironman. We will fix this and come back with a new flow to take your feedback.

@SHEIKH_AZHARUDDIN We will give you better features and experience to move you to Jupiter from other apps :wink:

No plans as such for rewards :see_no_evil:

That’s look great.

But some bugs is there.

@Satyajit_Singh It’s these 2 right?

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@Shawnpinto yes these two

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yes I loved the experience but the transactions are not going smooth

Hey! @Dheeraj_Voruganti Could you let us know the challenges you faced while transacting? :blob_think:

when i tried payments after this 50% of my transactions are being failed

Hmm, that shouldn’t happen. Let’s check why it’s failing. I’ll connect with you on DM :slight_smile:

I just noticed that in Jupiter you can only do a bank transfer from Jupiter account. You can’t use other upi linked accounts for that.

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Bug in self-transfer Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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@Bankofthefuture looks like self transfer feature is introduced in jupiter :zap::zap:. I could also see that copying upi id and ifsc is also more easier…

The back arrow button on top left corner after clicking gear icon felts unresponsive after casual clicking. I usually use my thumb to click there but it responds only when i click exactly on the icon :eyes: (not sure if i am the only one facing it, I usually use a single hand for everything)… Gear icon could also improve in sensitivity…

I havent found any other issues. Payment page looks really good now. :zap:

@Avocadorable Whoa good find! We’ll fix this one.
Thanks for recording it too :slight_smile:

@Aswin_Benny Can you share a video of the same or a screenshot of where exactly you are facing the responsiveness issues? Will get this checked.

and yes, Self Transfer is live like we promised :smiley:


Bang on Jupiter! You are my fav banking app ever. I use it like whatsapp lol. But why is payments ui different for me in ios. Netflix and setup how do i do?

@Mini_Geek Hey! The pic posted above is just a sample one. The in app one is the real UI.
Oh and the Netflix pop-up appears when you request a Netflix payment via Jupiter UPI and then open the Jupiter app.

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