(Ongoing) Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! 🛠

I just noticed that in Jupiter you can only do a bank transfer from Jupiter account. You can’t use other upi linked accounts for that.

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Bug in self-transfer Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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@Bankofthefuture looks like self transfer feature is introduced in jupiter :zap::zap:. I could also see that copying upi id and ifsc is also more easier…

The back arrow button on top left corner after clicking gear icon felts unresponsive after casual clicking. I usually use my thumb to click there but it responds only when i click exactly on the icon :eyes: (not sure if i am the only one facing it, I usually use a single hand for everything)… Gear icon could also improve in sensitivity…

I havent found any other issues. Payment page looks really good now. :zap:

@Avocadorable Whoa good find! We’ll fix this one.
Thanks for recording it too :slight_smile:

@Aswin_Benny Can you share a video of the same or a screenshot of where exactly you are facing the responsiveness issues? Will get this checked.

and yes, Self Transfer is live like we promised :smiley:


Bang on Jupiter! You are my fav banking app ever. I use it like whatsapp lol. But why is payments ui different for me in ios. Netflix and setup how do i do?

@Mini_Geek Hey! The pic posted above is just a sample one. The in app one is the real UI.
Oh and the Netflix pop-up appears when you request a Netflix payment via Jupiter UPI and then open the Jupiter app.

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I like your new update for Jupiter app but you made ‘payments section’ very complicated like traditional bank’s apps ( not easy to use). Please make it easy to use, not complicated. All other section are looking good with improvement but payments page looks like a downgrade and stupidity. Please revert previous version interface only for payments section. I have attached my idea to show how it may be easy accessible and good looking.

Why have you created that sliding white page in the payments tab? What’s in it? It’s completely empty. You have hidden all the features in the settings in the top right corner. Remove that sliding white bar and replace it with all the options hidden in Settings in a simple interface.
You stitched all the options on top by making small icons, they should have been a bit bigger and should have been in place of the sliding white bar, which would have made it easier to click on them.
Whatever you say but in the previous version the interface of the payments section was perfect. I think you should have improved the performance of the app instead of changing the interface of the payments page.
@Satyajit_Singh @Shawnpinto @Aswin_Benny @nishesh @Avocadorable @Bankofthefuture aapka kya kahna hai?

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@Shawnpinto I feel like I am time travelling, I am going back to the past. The issue that Debraj faced about two months ago, now I am facing the same issue again. I am very disappointed and desperate , you deliberately bring troubles. You really made this app a lab, I want to know what you want to invent.

Where did everyone go?
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@The_But Sunday holiday :joy:

Are you facing that issue

No working fine for me

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This problem still persists with me. @shawnpinto It’s been a long time since I even created a support ticket. I haven’t found any solution yet.

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How many times the Bill payments card/icons have been repeating?

  1. On the home page with an icon “Pay Bills”
  2. Again on the home page, a card saying “Pay your bills on Jupiter”
  3. In the payments tab, “Pay Bills”
  4. Below the icons in payments tab, “Pending bill payment”
  5. In the discover what’s new, “Pay your bills in seconds”

Isn’t this very much repetitive and an overkill?
I felt Jupiter more as a payments app instead of the banking app by seeing this.

Making the following changes will enhance the experience more I think :

  1. Shifting the floating “Scan and Pay” as a fixed tab in the bottom, so that it can be accessed from anywhere with just a single click.

  2. Moving the “Card” section to the hamburger menu. How many of us are using a physical card these days? So, having it on a separate tab is just a waste of space . Instead, it can be added to the homepage section apart from the hamburger menu.


@svineels Agreed. We will be personalising the experience through cards so it doesn’t feel repetitive. This is being planned.

Thanks for highlighting this!


the self-transfer feature is not working, it’s blinking
WhatsApp Video 2022-11-16 at 7.09.20 AM (1)

Hey @Sai_Charan

This is going to be fixed in the next app release :slight_smile:

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@here This is now live for all users! Everyone should be able to see the updated payments tab from the latest app version.

Thank you all for sharing feedback for the revamped payments tab :rocket:
Oh and… it’s not over yet! More revamps ahead.

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