No option to change the nominee

There is no way to change the nominee.

You can do it through NetBanking


Hmm… How? I called the customer care number and they had said that there is no way of it.

You can login to NetBanking from here
If you haven’t registered yet, you can register using your Jupiter a/c details.

He means by logging into Federal Bank online account. If you have created one, you should try creating an account.

Okay, I got it. So, if I have to do anything on federal l bank website. then I think I have to contact the federal bank costumer care number and as soon as I confirm that I have an account in the Jupiter they redirect me to the Jupiter money Customer service and decline to answer any of my complaint. I don’t actuality like it.

No, no. Your customer service point of contact will always be Jupiter Customer Support. If you have created your online login credentials for FedNet, you can login and update the nominee information.

okay, let me call , I will first need to find out what is fednet.

You wouldn’t need to call anyone.

Have your account number, debit card & phone where your registered mobile number is functional handy and complete your complete your registration.