No one is responding

From last 2 weeks im waiting for response im having login issue i have an Jupiter account i created i ordered the card after 1 week i update the app from playstore after tht i dnt know what happn its showing me to login and while login it is showing mobiLe verification is failed

Did you send email to us for help? Anyway, let me ask someone to reach out to you @Chirag_Heda

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Please Uninstall once and clear all cache in phone ( if you don’t know ask here) then reinstall it .
This way may work :blush:

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No one is responding me from more than 1 week

I did it soo many times i upadated app also

Do you have msg balance in your sim ? Have you seen verification message got send successfully in your messages ?


Yess evertime its going normal’msg but my verification is failed i dnt know what happn before this i did so many payment with Jupiter

I should remove application cache or phone cache if it is phone cache can you help me out?

Hi Krishna

I see that the fixes that we made didn’t solve the core issue. Calling you in a bit.


Thanks @Chirag_Heda :+1:

Hope the fix is working fine @The_view_finder

Yes @Chirag_Heda Thanks :blush: