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“iPhone designer Jony Ive and ChatGPT-head Sam Altman may be building an AI product together
Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank, is also looped into their conversations.”

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"The goal is to provide near-real-time access to valuable information rather than just accumulating data. This shift in approach is aimed at making data more actionable and responsive in space applications. “We’re trying to remove a lot of that hereditary processes and change the way we do it,” he added.

For those unaware, traditionally, satellite data was downloaded in its raw form and processed on the ground due to the large data sizes generated. However, recent developments in hardware and software have allowed for the processing of heavy images in space with greater power efficiency."

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DigiLocker has reached an astounding milestone, proudly serving 20 Crore users in the nation!
Source: DigiLocker and Digital India X/Twitter pages.


Generative AI Wallpapers. Wow! And monochrome themes. Nice.


Good News! :thumbs_up:

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@razack if you think this is scary then look at this — robotic dog [BTW, his name is Spot] with ChatGPT…

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I’m getting this error page. I think there is some issue with the link

Edited the link

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In the times of ChatGPT.

Here is Paytm:

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Soon you’ll be able to have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone within the app and switch between them easily. No more dual or parallel app sorcery/ hacks required! :fire::partying_face:


My Oppo Reno phone supports dual/clone WhatsApp/Telegram, etc., without the need for third-party apps. I think most Android phones have this feature.
But this one is :rocket: :rocket: :fire: :fire:
However, I’m wondering what happens when the app data gets cleared :laughing:.



Waiting for Xiaomi to launch their Scooter :smiley: :laughing:


@razack I feel official WhatsApp support for multiple accounts is better and reliable. Also not all phones support the app clone apps.

I think you need to setup the accounts again. :thinking:

Netflix folks :sob:

Last time I took a Netflix monthly subscription was in December 2021 to watch then directly released Malayalam film ‘Minnal Murali’. :laughing: :smiley: @Aswin_Benny