News About Neo Bank

A nebank for SMEs partnered with ICICI Bank!


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Tide (neobank targetting SMEs) is launching in India. Here is the news article on the same.

Revolut is also launching in India.

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Dvara Money is targetting " The Urban Low-Income Household". More about their merger with CabDost here:

Klear Money is, as is evident from their current website, it is rather an aggregator cum money manager with some of the other neobank features without a savings/current account product of their own.

Latest addition is by Sheroes (launching neo bank for women):

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Yodaa - The smart money app for teens This Neobank is for Teens!

How Financial Independence needs to be taught in early!

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A crypto financial institution on top of a co-operative society license!

Seems an interesting proposition that has entered India. Would be interested to know if Crypto holders would want to use it?

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Do we call it a neo-bank or not?

Modelled after the likes of SoFi, a financial institution working across

  • financing
  • insurance
  • investing
  • payments
  • wealth
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Has anyone used any of the neobanks in the list above? Especially Epifi or Fold Money?
Are there any that you recommend based on your experience?

@goldi also thanks for sharing these.

From the list, personally I have enjoyed the experience with NiYo Global Card for International Travel.

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PayTM bank. The interest rates and flexible fixed deposits are pretty attractive.

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recently saw news about 2 more upcoming neo banks:
Freo Save and, probably most of you have already checked them out.

Freo Save is from MoneyTap partnered with Equitas and is rumoured to be with SBM.



That’s cool new NEO-BANK Bank intersting.

I know about Freo Save this is about to Launch on 30th Sept Let’s see what happens.

& I’m already existing customer of Equitas hank😅.

I know I need to wait more for Freo Save😅.

I appreciate you guyz keep updating about NEW Neo Banks :slightly_smiling_face:

PS : Just now I called the Founder And CEO Of Mr.Abhinav about his partner bank he told that his partner bank is SBM Bank :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m an existing customer of SBM but not Equitas.

P.S. - You got personal contacts of founders ??

Yes I got his number from The website of

I told him about many of NEO-BANK is already using SBM as their banking partner so I’m the existing customer of SBM He said you can open your account once they launched the App.

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Thanks for the information. Just checked out both. I like mool’s philosophy.

This is for those people who not know about Freo Save

I quite didn’t understand their secured credit card concept.
Can you share your thought about it?

Did he commit any date when they are going live?