My video kyc issue

My video kyc is pending Jupiter application I am opened but something snapped please account is blocked unblock my account let it fast

Hey @Krishna_kanna

Welcome to our Community :slight_smile:

I’ll get this checked and help you with your concern. Will connect with you via DM for further assistance.

Thank you!

Please do it fast unblock my account

Sure. Kindly share the requested details over the DM.

Thank you!

What happened sir my problem is not clear unblock my account Sir it’s urjent to me

Hey Krishna,

I have already reached out to you via DM requesting your registered details. Kindly share the same over the DM to address your concern.

Send me

Yes. I have initiated a DM again.

Thank you!

What happened sir problem is not resolved please unblock my account

Hey @Krishna_kanna

I do understand your urgency however, I haven’t received your details over the DM. If you haven’t received my DM requesting you to kindly click on my name and you will see an option to message.

Kindly share your registered contact number and mail id over the DM. I shall definitely look into your issue.

Thank you!

Thank you, Krishna. I have received your DM and I’m following up on your concern over there.