My account has also been frozen and Jupiter people are saying that someone has complained

I feel like why do all these complaints happen only in Jupiter or are Jupiter people freezing their accounts?
I read everyone’s messages, everyone said that there is such a problem inside, someone has complained, who complains on the account number?
I have been dealing with other banks for so long, till now nothing like this has happened, why is it only in Jupiter and no proper response is being given?
It has been only 2 months since I opened the account in Jupiter or the transactions I have done are done only with personal logo or in self account so why should I complain, all this is being done by Jupiter only.
These people talk with bad behavior when they make calls in Jupiter.Or no one complains like this, they don’t even tell me the account number or anything before freezing the account, I directly got a text message asking if the account has been frozen or opened, so at least the people who have frozen it should be told first.
Now my account is frozen or I am not even in my state. Now I thought that Jupiter has found all the money, keep it in Jupiter or account freeze is giving me so much trouble. These people are just making fun of everyone.

Read my messages carefully …

Please reply to me as soon as possible, I have a request from you and will wait with hope that someone will reply to me …I am hoping that my account will be unfreezed and can i withdrawl my money.
Jupiter will do all this with me , so how can anyone trust me, I had a lot of trust , so i opened an account but after seeing this I am completely devastated.