Lab test #4 - Bill payments on Jupiter! (Bill Payment early release and testing) 🧾

@tanuj05 register here :

CRED checks all the utility bill payments and let a user know if it’s due or already paid. In a minimal way, up-front :+1:

Then there’s this custom reminders on Amazon Pay!

If given location access, the app should already have the billers from that state displayed on top. Both Paytm and CRED does a good job.


I have version 1.6 but i cannot find any Billpay tab, please enable it. i would like a feature where I can block an amount for each biller so that on due date the same is released. This would be useful when you start facility to pay credit cards

@Shawnpinto Sur halp.

This is currently visible for some of the community members and a few lab testers seems to have access. Since new members join the community daily, we need to refresh the list every 7 days. You will be notified if you’ve got access. Please be patient :blob_thanks:

We’ll be giving access to more users next week.

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Okay, Sur. Understood.

:sweat_smile: I am since April '22 and a lab tester as well but this feature is missing for me in app version 1.6.0 :smiling_face_with_tear:.

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I am interested in this feature

I had notified but still i cant able to notice in my app

@Jupiterlabs We’ve added more people to lab testers group. The Pay bills icon will be visible on your home page. Try it out let us know your thoughts :blob_thanks:


On a related note, I liked those new icon placements there. Offers and Auto-Pay just got a promotion :ok_hand:


Can you please give me bill payment option.