Kotak customer service

Kotak employees are total mess, i went to the branch to take the passbook for my Kotak 811 account and the passbook person says there is no passbook for my account and says to me that i should upgrade my account to keep a minimum balance of the 10,000 because the Kotak 811 account is a student account and i can keep a maximum of 10000 rupees in my account. He was a total dickhead because my account already had more than 10000 rupees that me immediately understand that he is saying that stuff just earn some commission or to full fill some target or show some performance and I immediately left that bank because i didn’t even need a passbook and i was messing with them, but this saga made me understand that the private banks employees can tell you anything to missell things. And the federal bank employees just plane deny that Jupiter account holders can get a passbook, they says we just have a tie uo with the Jupiter anf everything is done by jupiter only.


Sheesh! That sounds like a terrible person. Btw, you can order a kotak passbook online, I believe, if you really need it. Just letting you know.

Thats bad. My cousin (student) opened an account in a bank called C***ra and they told him it’s a zero balance account :joy:.
Now he is facing charges not maintaining MAB.


You are referring to Canara Bank right?

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Yes i ordered online but it seems i have to still go to the bank to get it printed to the same guy.

Interesting. I thought you could get a passbook delivered to you but I guess I was wrong. Anyways, I was also thinking about opening a kotak 811 acc however, I don’t have a branch near me. The nearest one is about 4 hours away. Would you, from your experience, recomend me opening this account? How often did you have to visit your branch?

You never need to visit the branch. The branch visit will be necessary in the case of the account debit freeze otherwise everything is fine. I tried out many zero balance accounts and i think Kotak 811 is the best. I only know about the experience of keeping balance less than 50000 rupees because i have seen cases where tje account gets blocked if having higher balance. If you are going to have higher balance i recommend choosing the nearest bank.

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And my experience was the first time I went to a private bank branch, it might be possible that every private bank employee will try to missell or misguide you for his benefit, we just need to be cautious.

Well, I am not worried about money because I am a student and I barely keep more than a few thousand in my account lmao. Thanks for the info :))

On my every visit to HDFC bank the cashier always forces me to open an FD.

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But i hope he don’t tell you that you can’t deposit cash without opening fd. I have got to know recently that my father was sold an insurance policy by pnb cashier who said cash only get deposit if you take insurance

There is no problem in promotion. But misselling by threatening is wrong.