Jupiter show one day outdated nav of the mutual funds

I have observed that the Jupiter show the nav of. One day before.

Hai @alec
Is this issue specific to a particular fund or does it apply to the entire portfolio?
It would be helpful if you could provide screenshots or image captures to better understand the issue. :+1:t2:
Hope the investment team of Jupiter looks into it @Aastha @Chirag_Heda @

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Hi @alec!

Mutual fund NAV is always that of one day before - the reason for this is that fund houses declare the NAV only once a day at end of day. So today you should be able to see the NAV of 7th June on the app, let us know if you still see an issue.
For some funds like international funds, the NAV will be as of 6th June.

Would be great if you can share a screenshot of the fund for which you observed the lag.



Okay, tell me share the screen shot

Like you can see the Jupiter is showing the one day after nav than groww app. I think this is only for the late night. Like it’s now the 12:09 9 June but the groww show 8 June nav but the Jupiter show the 7 June nav. So like jupiter show the nav of the two day before. Actuality I noticed it when I saw my net worth in the groww and jupiter. I found that my net worth is kinda different in both the app but it get same in the morning. That’s how I found what is the reason of the mismatch.

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Understood the issue, Groww must be updating the NAV in the night while we are updating NAV around 5 AM in the morning (next day). Will get this fixed. Thanks for highlighting this.