Jupiter Federal Debit Card failed transaction on payufinance repayment

Recently my debit card transaction got failed with payu finance repayment after otp fill my transction got showing as failed with merchant side & amount got deducted with jupiter federal a/c same i reported to payu as well as jupiter my transaction amount not received to merchant side or debited from my a/c i reported this on jupiter chat help desk they ask for sms any recieved i said no they ask for debit reference details i shared bank ref. no they said i will update in 24-48 hrs. then after few hours i again check this on jupitor now that failed transaction missing from jupiter app transaction history still app not allowing to take screenshot anywhere in app i have no proof i made transaction from jupiter federal debit card this was very scary experience & highly disappointed response i again ask the same with jupiter chat support they said we need to wait for 45- 55 next days we will see & update about my failed transaction even i don’t know who will care about this , why i will get fall for rewards trap next time.

request you please do the need ful after reporting my transaction now i am not able to see my failed transaction details please take some need full steps.

@Jiten. @Chirag_Heda please help on this

On this @vineetsinghrewa38. We transfer funds as soon as we receive the money from the merchant (in your case PayU).

@Benny will help with specifics.

@Benny ji required details from ur end I shared u by message

@vineetsinghrewa38 Thanks. Will definitely reach out and sort this on priority.

@Chirag_Heda @Jiten @Benny @CarolinMerces @sneh.baxi @Shruti_Tandon

Hii @JupiterTeam i already reported issue 24 hrs ago by jupiter chat & jupiter support email till now no resolution received from ur end i informed for call back or mail support till now havn’t received any response from support team regards jupiter federal debit card payment failure on payu finance ltd as per chat box team i informed as this is ECM/pos dispute it will take 45-56 days to resolve i already shared required details over jupiter support mail & chat box still my failed transaction details missing from jupiter transaction history section i am unable to see this failed transaction details that debited from my a/c.

Request you please do something on this or tell me any proper channel where i can ask for support for my issue.

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You need to wait for the reply from Team Jupiter.

Please don’t panic @vineetsinghrewa38 - we’re doing what we can to get your funds back in your account at the earliest. I understand that @Benny spoke to you yesterday too.

Here we have a dependency on PayU. As soon as we receive your money from them, we will deposit it in your account immediately. Couple of other community members like you had a similar issue earlier in the week, they all had a happy ending.

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@vineetsinghrewa38 :+1:

Thanks for response Jupiter support team @Benny @Chirag_Heda @CarolinMerces

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Hi @Chirag_Heda @Jiten @Benny @sneh.baxi @Shruti_Tandon

I have noticed transaction failing at several international merchants like Paypal , Fastspring, Cleverbridge gateways…

  • Paypal purchases don’t work (even though country is set as India)
  • Fastspring somehow debits charge from account, but credits it back at same breath :sweat_smile:
  • Cleverbridge too doesn’t work…

Only international purchase I managed to place succesfully : (MEGA.nz Subscription)

I tried to send money via my debit card on WISE. Same negative results. They haven’t started all categories of international payments yet. Guess, will have to wait some time !

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Hii jupiter team @Chirag_Heda @Benny @Jiten @Vipul_Mehta Till now missing transaction details not updated i already raised multiple time this request with chat support team they are saying still we are working on it in next 5 days .

Hii Jupiter team still there is no updates regards my failed debit card transaction kindly anybody here help on this 7 days already gone @Jiten @sneh.baxi @Chirag_Heda after multiple approach still nill response awaiting reply.

hello there don’t worry as far as i know your money will get return if you have raise an ticket with jupiter support don’t worry. There was a case with mine also for debit card timeout while using it in supermart/pos machine and my money got debited and transaction got failed i got it after 20-25 days later so you will also get it but don’t expect too much earlier and rest assured you will get your money no ome can take your money and run away it can take some.time but you will eventually get it back telling from.my experience it take some time have patience


@Chirag_Heda @Benny @Jiten finally refund received on today 07 sep 2021 @ 06.40pm it was failed on 26 aug 2021 @ 12.49pm thanks again @JupiterTeam for kind support with payu finance debit card transaction failure .

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@vineetsinghrewa38 Super happy to hear this :slight_smile: You are an amazing customer, thanks for being so understanding.