Jupiter CSB 2% Cashback is Not for All

Jupiter is clearly hiding the most important drawback of Jupiter Edge CSB credit card.

2% cashback of selected category is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Yes you read it right!!

If you don’t have a Jupiter Savings account. The jewels earned by CSB credit card can’t be converted to cashback. You have left with only one option, which is to purchase gift vouchers with those jewels.

Considering the GVs (Flipkart, Amazon Shopping, Uber, Zomato) can be easily obtained from other platforms by minimum 5% - 10% discount, this is totally a negative redemption end of the day.

Jupiter is doing all these kind of dirty plays, that too without revealing it to customers is totally unprofessional and unethical. Being a customer since day one of Jupiter launch, it’s surprising to see how this company changes it’s policies and promises on day to day basis.

They didn’t fulfill or maintain the product features of not even a single product what it offers originally.


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