Jupiter Beta Issues (Deposit not reflecting and Phantom transactions)

Hi Team

Here to report a strange Bug.

Details: I deposited 20K in my Jupiter account. I got a successful transaction message. However immediately I got another Phanthom deposit of 20K in to my account.

But the surprising thing is my original deposit of 20K is still not reflecting in my balance sheet. As per Jupiter, Total inflow for this month is ~68K and total spend is ~7.7K but the balance at hand is only ~20K. Given that I opened the account this month, there is no carry forward.

This is important as any customer will panic when there deposit is not reflecting in their balance sheet and there are phantom transactions.

It’s an App Bug, its been around for some time…
Money is safe, If you check balance via UPI its correct, but in app Transactions List shows some wrong info…
Will be fixed by team soon I suppose…