Jupiter app not responding. 😑

@Jiten @JupiterTeam @Benny

  1. Jupiter app is not responding. It is stucked in the Jupiter logo and not even asking for MPIN. I have uninstalled it and installed it once again but the problem is still there.
  2. It takes a lot of time (sometime even more than 60sec) for the processing everytime I do a UPI transaction.

Thanks for letting us know. Getting this checked. @Chirag_Heda

Hi Amit, really sorry you had to face this. Are you still facing this issue and could you also please let us know when you started facing this?

Would be very grateful if you could share an email/phone number where I can reach out to you for some further details to resolve this.

It just started yesterday but the UPI problem is occurring from the first day when I opened the account.

Hi Amit, I have sent an email requesting some details from your side. Would request you to kindly revert.

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As confirmed, that this is resolved and Rohan is connecting with you @Amit_Bikrama_Nayak to get more feedback on the performance and in general about the app.