IPO blocking amount

I had used Jupiter Federal account for applying IPO through UPI. The amount is blocked in my Federal account but The total amount is showing on Jupiter. Fi.momey has done an excellent job of showing “Total amount, amount blocked” on the home page of Fi. I didn’t see this in Jupiter. Please try to integrate this into Jupiter so that we can have much more clarity on how much funds are blocked or available.

@Jiten @Bankofthefuture Please check above post.


Blocked in the sense :thinking:??

When you subscribe to an IPO, the chances of you getting an allotment is not 100%. So, that money is blocked till the allotment date. If you are lucky and get the lot, the money is debited. Else the money is unblocked. They block the money so as to ensure that you don’t end up using that reserved amount by the time allotment happens.