Improve the Checkbook delivery time

I am writing this post to express my dissatisfaction with the service of Jupiter Money. I requested a check book on the 9th of May 2023, as I needed it for some urgent payments. Today is the 21st of May and I still have not received it, despite checking the tracking status every day. When I contacted the customer care, they told me that it is normal time for the check book delivery. According to them, it takes 14 days to dispatch the check book and another 7 days for the delivery. This is unreasonable time. How can a digital banking app that claims to keep pace with me take so long to deliver a simple check book? I hope Jupiter Money will improve the checkbook delivery time. This is not the kind of service I expected from a modern and innovative banking platform.

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@saurabh.s sorry for the ping but I had this as a feedback because my feedback to jupiter was to improve the checkbook delivery time. ( the title might be misleading.)

Have you asked the support team for the tracking ID? Cheque books are usually dispatched through Speed Post, there is a possibility that it may become delayed or stuck at the post office. If you have the tracking ID, you can track the status of your cheque book online.

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Tracking id is not generated cause the checkbook is not dispatched yet.


On December 24, 2021, I placed a request for a chequebook, and it was delivered within 14 days. I find it unlikely that an additional 7 days would be required for delivery, as they suggested.

Yes…I too agree that the process is somewhat slower compared to other banks and needs improvements. At the same time, I believe that Jupiter has a minimal role in fulfilling these types of requests. It is likely that the delay is due to the procedures followed by the Federal Bank, as they are responsible for the approval and dispatch of chequebooks.

In such situations, as discussed in the earlier thread, the feature or facility of collecting chequebooks from the nearby Federal bank branch can be handy.

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Overall, I believe this is constructive feedback to check for any areas of improvement in the steps and processes followed. Having said, we will need to be patient with this as well. Like @razack rightly pointed out, there is a clear dependency on the partner bank for getting these requests processed.

Cheque book usually delivered with maximum 14 days, You don’t need any additional 7 days for delivery…

Maybe their was some mistake or misinformation …
Cheque book printing and dispatch completely depends on federal Bank
And after print it’s completely dependent on Indian Posts service…
In my case it’s taken Max 10 days…
Printing complete within 3 days and delivery completed within 7 days
Also service depends on working days.

I advise to order cheque book from federal Bank official app or website.

The delivery time is really very fast and unexpected. I have ordered the cheque book and received within 7 days. I have not expected such a speed delivery. Thanks team.


My cheque book delivery went really wrong. It was sent via Indian post and they never contacted me regarding the delivery. By the time I went looking for it to the PO. They had already sent it back🤦‍♂️

Indian post at it again

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They’re the only ones who don’t deliver to the door in my experience.