If Play Store Link is not working in invite Email

Things to check to get onboarded

  1. Make sure you are active with the same email id on playstore as the one you recd an email on/ registered on firstlist. Or toggle and try again?
  2. If you still cannot, please write to support@jupiter.money with the screenshot of your rank on firstlist via your registered email id
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Not working for me too. Can someone from Jupiter please help ?

Please check in playstore which email is in use. …if you multiple emails linked please switch to the email to which invite is sent … definitely u will get

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Got email with app link but it’s not working for me too, @sneh.baxi Please add us in beta group for app.

@Itskaran007 @satish.thulva @sahith Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to play store and search Buller - buy now pay later
  2. Click on developer name - Amica
  3. It will be shown there
    If not then clear Play store cache and try the steps again do check your email on play store it will be same that you’ve shared and received invite on.

Using same e-mail using which i enrolled in the firstlist, Tried steps mentioned above, still not working.

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I have checked @sahith and @satish.thulva email id’s registered and they seem to have been whitelisted at our end.

Thanks @Imashish @Akash_Kumar for mentionning the steps.

Should work, let me further investigate and PM you guys!

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@sneh.baxi Please check for my id too .

Is it same app? I mean are you using bullet app for Jupiter also?

@sneh.baxi I also have received the invite but the link is not working

Same problem with me

Thanks for your response. But, it didn’t help.

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Followed as instructed but problem still persist

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Should work now, could you confirm and let me know?

Luckily got the onboard mail today from jupiter. But unable to install app from that link. Same email id linked with playstore.

Email id - nhgolani1996@gmail.com

Please help.

Working Now, Thanks for helping.

Works completely fine thanks for amazing support

Sir I want beta access.
Please activate on my account.

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Link not working for me desaimrahul@yahoo.com