I can't open Jupiter account...... Face verification failed all times

I can’t open Jupiter account… Face verification failed all times… I tried too many time with correct face position but failed… Help me

Was it a well lit area? :eyes:

Try again and if it’s still failing, write to support@jupiter.money


I tried more than 50 times but it’s not completing
I mailed support team also but they didn’t resolved yet

Hey @Shadab_Arzoo

We understand that you are facing some issues with the onboarding process. Please be assured that our team will work towards resolving your problem on priority. We request you to allow us time to check and respond to you with the status.

In the meanwhile, you may go ahead and try once more and ensure that your video is being recorded in a well-lit space with minimal or no background noise. Kindly ensure that these pre-requisites are met so that you can smoothly come onboard.

Thank you.

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I am failed to verify my face fit in oval shape… I tried too many times with all terms & conditions but all times it failed…

Always shows that your face verification failed try again

Ohh God🤔 they even copied Fi’s face verification🤭

Hey @Shibsd1999

We understand your concern. We are connecting with you over the DM to assist you further.

No worries!