I am not able to Convert Jewels In Cash

How do I convert jewels in cash , it’s showing you need 100j but In my account I got 569j,Today is the date for converting to cash why I am not able to do that ?

On 19th September I made 5 transaction I Got 500 J I waited for cool down 15 days Today is the date 4th October for converting in Cash

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@Shawnpinto @Jiten @Chirag_Heda @Bankofthefuture
please solve this issue. I vouched for the customer service here, now this is embarassing, this guy have been trying to get his problem resolved from in app support and through voice call service.

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Won’t let that happen!

@Omesh from my team will help. We’ll ensure that if Jewels were due you’ll get access to them.

Hi Amaan,

You will be able to redeem your jewels in the evening today.
You can redeem 300 anytime post 5 pm and the rest 200 post 6:30 pm. The reason for this is that it takes exact 15 days for the cool-down period to end (example: if you made a transaction at 4:30 pm on 19th September then they will be available post 4:30 pm on 4th October).

Thank you @saifsuse for trusting us, it is because of co-creators like you that we get motivated to push our limits and provide a better experience.

Take care, Stay safe! :smiley:

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“Redeemable Jewel Balance is only 50 jewels.”

“Curently you have only 50 jewels.”

“That is the lifetime jewels that you have earned 596.”

“Amaan, there is a cooling period for jewels and that every 15 days.”

“Now you require 50 more jewels to redeem it.”

look at this misleading information provided by in app support

Thanks @Omesh for providing detail information

Thank you for bringing this up @Amaan_Memon , we have taken this feedback and I have personally gone through the chat conversation. I agree that the information was not communicated properly on the chat and a feedback has been passed on regarding the same.

Thanks again for bringing this to our notice, your feedback helps us improve every single day.

Take care, Stay safe! :smiley:

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