How to close Jupiter account

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Can you link me to the source?

Which ban are you talking about?

Would appreciate not to spread rumours. Unless you are claiming to be working with RBI and issuing a notice to us


Haha, definitely, sharing news without any proof. He knows better than the founder I guess. He should share any possible link/news source for the same.

Yes, rbi didn’t Share any news about it and I have checked rbi website nothing found.

Are you talking about “Amex” - American Express?

@sneh.baxi not the first time this account is spreading rumours. In another thread, this user stated that Jupiter Saving pots would put your money in bitcoin. I don’t know if he’s misinformed or intentionally doing so.


I think he is talking about this circulation. But it may affect Bullet pay not Jupiter.

Paylater service is also provided by Paylater by ICICI too. I don’t think it is real. If RBI has circulated this then It would be a sensational news by now.