Gild Card a secured card

What is your take on the gild Card. I’m not able to under the gold cashback basis.

Hai @Abhinav_Goyal , could you please provide more details about your query? I couldn’t understand the issue you faced properly.

Regarding the Gild card, it seems that not many community members use it, as there haven’t been any discussions whenever the topic of secured cards arises.
When the card was introduced, if I am not wrong, users were required to have a fixed deposit amount of 50,000, and their credit limit was limited to only 90% of that amount. I’m not aware of the current scenario of that card. :sweat_smile:

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From what I understand from this page is they are providing 0.75% cashback as digital gold.

If you read this page carefully : Gild Credit Card- Spend from FD, Earn interest and gold

They are mixing things like
FD interest, gold appreciation rate as 8% etc.


Gild card best for new to cc users.
Ltf secured card starting from 10k fd with sbm.
Reward - 0.75% in form of petals
Redemption (gold) - Min. 2500 petals required for 2500rs of gold excluding 3% tax.
So effectively spend approx 350k to earn/redeem approx 2500rs gold.

Not sure if they’re still onboarding new users. SBM bank face some KYC & compliance issues

I recently last month closed my sbm trip money credit card… no kyc issue in my case but yes sbm corporate & prepaid loan based card completely stopped.

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Actually most attracted by there claim that they are provding the rfid metal card holder with the debit card but it’s written somewhere and somewhere not.

It’s there in the play store link (both as an image as well as under the app description). So I don’t think that would be an issue, if it’s not mentioned somewhere else

Card cancellation charge 999 + gst (if closed within 6 month)

Ya, bad