Felt money got wasted?

Have you ever felt your money got wasted by purchasing a product? Or it didn’t meet your expectations by comparing money vs features.

Recently, I felt that, I had wasted 55k money on buying OnePlus 9. It replaced it’s dedicated Oxygen os with color os(MI,poco etc.) with the name of collaborating with oppo/ MI. Not only just phone I even have OnePlus watch, buds pro, power bank. All are not worthy in my point of view.

My strong suggestion is never go for “OnePlus”, initially it was good now no more it’s just looks and feels like a low range phone but with higher prices.

Mention if you feel any, so that our community family don’t fall in that trap.


one plus was previously very open(for custom roms etc ) and oxygen os was fast now after merger with colour os there is no difference between realme ui, colour os, oxygen os .


Yeah, on this point my friends mock me saying “what’s difference between a flagship phone and budget phone if it looks same?”. Now everyone is seeing for looks secondly seeing performance.

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My regret was not with phones, but it was with a bike. I purchased a Yamaha Frazer in 2016 and felt what have i gotten myself into.


Beat this. At that point in time I owned RE Thunderbird, Frazer and Access 125. It was a delight to ride the Access 125 but not the Frazer. None of them came close to the RE even though that was the most expensive to maintain.


OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, etc, have very similar UI. It’s probably because they’re all managed by 1 root company.


True that. In their bid to bring in consistency across all their offerings, they have ruined a legacy.


I have experienced both for a product. I don’t know how many here have heard about this tablet or how many remember it.

It was the Aakash tablet, also known as the Ubislate 7+. This was an Android-based tablet computer that was originally promoted by the Government of India as part of an e-learning program. Initially, it was planned to be distributed for free to students. However, in 2012, it became available for commercial sale to the public. My friend and I purchased two tablets for anything between 2000-3000 Rs each from eBay. The price point was attractive to many at the time. Unfortunately, the product turned out to be a disaster. I still remember my friend with fondness, who insisted that I purchase the tablet and try it out.

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And this is the tabletimage

This product turned out to be a scam, much like the Freedom 251 phone. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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Yikes. This one definately was a problematic one. Frustrating hardware, even worse software experience.

On the brighter side - the regret did not cost you over a lakh a rupee like it happened in my case with Yamaha Frazer

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The humorous part was that the tablet had a camera icon, but there was no actual camera for capturing images. :grin: :grin: :rofl:

Wow, they really did pull off a con.

there used to be a lot of advertisement of this on naptol