Fd break how to do

Is there a way to break the fixed deposit of the Jupiter money and take the money in some account other than the Jupiter money account because my jupiter money account is credit freeze. Which is like my account can’t be credited with or in simple words money can’t be added to my account and that why breaking the fixed deposit from the Jupiter app is not possible. I had contacted the Jupiter cyber care team explaining what they asked yesterday but no reply from them.

Your Fixed deposit amount can’t be forfeit in case of credit freeze only.
For unlocking ur account just explain the source of excessive funds received in your account.
If you can’t then you will always have the option to close your account and the FD amount will be transferred to your another account or DD


And what will happen to the pots deposit?

All my transaction are either mutual funds redemption or the payment from my kotak 811 account to jupiter bank account. I have told same on the mail. And they are not even significant transaction they might be like 15 thousand total. But I think they have a problem that I told them my income as 0 when opening the account. Which is actually zero. I had mailed then the same things with my statement of the mutual funds of the all the asset management company and my kotak 811 account sheet too. But I didn’t got any reply from them.

I’m also fine with the Account closure until and unless they will give me my money kinda like 6000 in the pots and fixed deposit. But it is kinda certain that the account freeze is not because of the police complaint. It is done by the federal bank it self.

By the way, thank a lot for your reply. I needed a reply like you to feel better that my money is safe.

I also had invested in the mutual funds via the Jupiter but the mutual funds is fine because I know a way to redeem them in other account.

@DigitaL thanks for your reply. My account have been unfreezed after explaining the source of my funds.


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