Failed transaction removed from history

One of my UPI transactions failed on August 13, 2021 but the amount was debited. I contacted the chat support and did another successful transfer to the mechant. After few days the support team told me it was credited to the merchant but the transaction has been removed from the app, now how can I prove the merchant that I’ve paid him twice without the app record?


@rmj-s Sorry to hear that. I am happy that you have immediately raised it in our chat section. I am overseeing the responses there and will sort the concern in no time. Appreciate your patience :+1:

Any update on this? The transaction is still missing from the app :frowning:

@rmj-s It would be great if you could check the help section and respond to the chats pending. The agent can resolve the issue faster. For now, I’m getting someone to respond with an update. Thank you.

I’m stuck with this issue since August 23, 2021. I cant understand how can you remove a failed transaction from the records? You support team didn’t believed that it’s possible untill I sent them a picture from different phone (thanks to your useless screenshot protection) and still they can’t do anything other than forwarding the issue to somone else.

I request you to coordinate internally and get the transaction record restored at the earliest.

i also face the sameissue u can follow my thread for failed transaction i already talked with jupiter customer chat & representative till now issue not resolved representative over call said only we are allowed to show successful transaction in jupiter app failed transaction not allowed as per rbi even they restricted screenshot for anywhere in jupitor app.

Mine was credited to the merchant so they’ll have to show it. And if there’s any RBI rule for failed transactions they should share it here.