Failed payment on Spotify

The Jupiter app shows that if we pay for subscription on services like Spotify Netflix etc we get 10percent off but the thing is I’ve been trying to renew my Spotify premium membership I entered my details correctly it redirect me to payment page I entered the OTP it processes it then then it shows me the error that your transaction has failed even my international payments are on the Jupiter Debit Card but still same issue even had this issue on Netflix but had to resolve to other payment mode

Here is the attached picture of the error also.
And every time i enter the OTP it debits 2rs and then credit it but still the transaction failed anyone know how to resolve this issue

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@Priyansh_Gaur I’ll help you out with this one. Pinging you.

Ok but where are u messaging me

on DM! @Priyansh_Gaur

I am facing the same issue, can you please dm me or post the solution here please ? @Shawnpinto

@plox I’ll help you out :slight_smile:

Have u enabled the international transactions as I did the payment yesterday through the Debit Card it worked as as charm

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Ah yes, the international transactions toggle must be disabled here. @plox let us know if it’s off/on. Do try again.

Is Jupiter card now supporting recurring payments?

Not yet @Divyaansh_Agarwal , this is in the works.
But…It’s coming soon :eyes:

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Yeah the international transaction toggle is on but it shows the same error you got in the first post. Raised a support ticket via the app let’s see what solution they come up with.

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That’s the only major feature missing in Jupiter right now. That would get the basic 101s in check :white_check_mark:


I was trying to purchase an app in Apple app store today through Jupiter card. But the transaction declined and debit and credit of same amount showed in Jupiter app. Tried again, same result. I guess, it’s because Jupiter card is yet to have recurring payments feature.