Exit load period not shown

I think the time period till which the exit load is applicable is the most important thing to see. Some might have it for 7 days, 25 days, and 1 year and with different conditions but jupiter don’t show any of the condition it just show the exit load for the mutual funds in a single percentage while the exit load can be much more complex for different mutual funds. or like For units above 10% of the investment, exit load of 2% if redeemed within 365 days and 1% if redeemed after 365 days but on or before 730 days. for the parag parikh fund.

@alec Valid observation. While the exit load is mentioned, the applicable period is not. Let’s wait for the mutual fund updates to get rolled out. There is a possibility with the updates in the SIP management will ensure cover this point as well.

@Jitender_Singh tagging you for visibility.

what kind of mutual fund updates are getting rolled out. like i have also found that the mutual fund page freezes while scrolling many times.

Read this the first update in this thread -

I don’t see any update to complete mutual fund updates, it’s just some small simple sip updates .

That is why I have tagged Jitendra Singh from the investment products team for visibility as well

Hi folks,
We know details of expense ratio and exit load are fair ask. We are revamping the fund page and this will be handle in that. We will push the changes in 4 weeks.



Thank you for the update @Jitender_Singh !!

By the way, the exit load calculation is also wrong in the time of the withdrawal.