Does more credit limit effect my credit score?

Like I’m definetly going to keep the utilisation less than 30 percent. So. Does the more credit limit also increase my limit even though I have I’m using the same utilisation percentage?

Yes, more credit limits means your 30% limits also increases so you can use more credit with in 30%.
Like if you have 10k limit so 30% is 3k, in other hand you have 20k limit so 30% is 6K, so you can use more credit with in 30% limit.

@alec To answer your question regarding the title of the thread - Higher credit limits do not affect your credit score. But high utilization does.


But like if I’m on the 2k card and I use 30 percent and I have 10k and with that too I have the 30 percent utilisation. So the increase in the credit will be safe for both the cards?

For your card with 2k limit, you should keep the usage under 600 or ensure you pay back the amount as soon as you use the card to bring down the utilization.

I’m gonna keep it less than 100 anyway most probably for few months

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There are two important dates:

  1. Credit reporting date ( usually month end)
  2. Bill generation date

On your credit reporting date the credit limit used is reported and not the bill amount.
So if you have high usage that day you might have high usage reported.
On the flip side you can use more limit after reporting date and then prepay or pay it at billing if the bill generation date is before the reporting date of next month.

Use it with caution though, you need to have experience with managing those dates and amounts on that dates to make most of it.


Mine bill generation date is 17 but I don’t know the credit report date

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Check this out for more information


So, can i check the videos of the American you tubers on this topic like isn’t this the same company that also work in the US? And I’m not able to understand if this company is Indian or American cause seems like the top management is Indian.