Debit card refund

I have refund from zomatto of 150 on 13 august but till now I did not get very bad service by jupiter

My team told me that Zomato processed refund on 20th… not sure we deserve bashing for their delay.

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then when I will get my refund please sir help me

Please reply about the status of my refund ply help me @jiten

@Vipul_Mehta will check and come back… But need not panic here as we never access your money.

Is there any update please I request you please refund please​:pray::pray::pray::pray:

Hi @pandey12345

I completely understand the anxiety on not getting your money back immediately.

As mentioned to you on call, cancellation refunds are a 7 working day process. Here we’re dependent on other portals (like Myntra, Zomato, Amazon) to reverse the funds. As soon as they do that and the funds hit us, we immediately credit them to your account.

I understand that 2 of your refunds were initiated on 20th and another one on 24th. These would each take their 7-working-day course.

We’re following up with the portals for your cases as well. Requesting your patience in the interim - we definitely want to get money back in your account asap.

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finally I received my refund today thank poi

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thank you👌 once again thank u team jupiter

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